>www.GovExec.com – Cost of managing TSP continues to shrink (9/19/05)

>The Federal Thrift Savings Plan is a great demonstration of two things – one, that a low cost plan can work and two, that you can take low costs to an extreme. While low in cost this plan is run like the typical bureaucracy in Washington, it is completely NON-user friendly. The recordkeeping and website is absolutely horrendous yet the plan is held up as a pillar of how a retirement plan should be run. I like this plan, but it needs some style, educational tools, better online management, and a little more choice. I like the low fees, but would rather see them slighlty higher if it meant a better run plan for the participants…..perhaps they should take a cue from Apple and combine style, creativity, and substance.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP

www.GovExec.com – Cost of managing TSP continues to shrink (9/19/05)


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