LAUSD Responds To Brian Graff & NTSSA/ASPPA

The head of ASPPA/NTSSA has a lot of explaining to do. I’ve challenged his recent op-ed in a related post, please see: Five Questions Brian Graff & NTSSA/ASPPA Need To Answer Publicly

Even before his Op-Ed, Graff had been advocating for broker/agents rights over the rights of participants and he took his fight to the Los Angeles Unified School District (of whom he claimed victory over in his op-ed). His presentation to the committee was filmed and is available on YouTube, but I’ve also embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

The Committee that Graff made the presentation to at LAUSD has issued a statement of their own, and it takes Graff/ASPPA/NTSSA to task for supporting brokers over participants. I’ve included the response below.

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