Is NTSAA/ASPPA Really Interested In An Open Discussion? Doesn’t Appear So

ASPPA/NTSAA operates a blog that is supposed to be “honest and accurate” (their words). They also claim to want a dialogue and launched a blog “…to share your thoughts and discuss current issues”. They claim to want honesty and for the issues to be discussed and to be accurate, but are they really open to a truly “open” discussion that is honest? Would they actually remove a post when it was proved that the post was inaccurate? Will they allow discussion from people who might disagree with them?

It appears the answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO. As proof, I submit to you my comments on one of their inaccurate posts. I kindly point out where they went wrong and ask them to correct the post. ┬áNot only have they not done so, my comments have been prevented from being shown on their blog – they are still being moderated…almost two months later.

Is this the sign of an organization that is working for the participant’s interest. In my opinion, it is further evidence that ASPPA/NTSAA is just a lobbying organization for high-cost, commission based products and the agents who distribute them. This is all well and good, surely given the wrong side of history they’ve chosen to be on, they need lobbyists (which by the way they refused to use the word lobbyist in their recent webinar, opting for the term “consultant”) in order to stay in the business.

What do you think?

My Comments…still waiting “moderation”!

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP, AIF


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