What Will Be the Fiscal Cliff’s “Replacement Ref” Moment?

Tate Catch

The National Football League started out the year in a dispute with the union for the Referees. This led to the ref’s being locked out and the NFL bringing in “replacement refs”. These refs were not prepared for the NFL and it was like watching the keystone cops for three weeks.

It was very clear after week one that if something didn’t change, something bad could happen…in week three – just such an event took place. Granted, it wasn’t an injury (though a potential fiscal injury), but when the end of the Seahawks-Packers game ended with the Seahawks’ Golden Tate being credited with a game winning Touchdown catch that was anything but (it was an interception) the outrage became overwhelming. Keep in mind, I’m a Seahawks fan…but, I don’t like to win that way…not the point though.

The point here is that without this horrible call (one ref called it a TD, another said no – but instant replay then called it a TD) the standoff between the Union and the League would have continued. The call was so bad and had such large implications for the rest of the season that both sides finally had to do what should have been done before the season started – settle their differences. The professional referee’s were back on the field in week 4 – the outrageous call was the turning point.

The point of this post is actually a bit more serious. What will be the turning point in the fiscal cliff negotiations? What “outrage” must occur before the two parties decide that the American people should be served? Will it be something stupid, but stupid enough to earn the media’s attention and force a deal – or will it be something much more worthy of the term “outrage”? I hope it’s not the latter.

The sad part is that neither party really understands the importance of the issues at hand. Neither party has demonstrated that they even understand our monetary system and this leads to bad recommendations. So, assuming our leaders (and I do use that term loosely) don’t come to a solution within the next few days – what will we end up looking back at as the “Golden Tate Moment”?

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSPF, AIF
Meridian Wealth Management


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