Buy Bonds Now? A Contrarian View

Is now a great time to buy bonds? Lance Roberts, CEO of StreetTalk Advisors thinks so.

He might be right, but for most people, they should be careful in taking on to much duration risk.

See the link below for what is, in this market, a very contrarian view.

35 Year Bond History

From Lance:

What is important to notice is that there have only been a few times in history that rates have gotten to 4-standard deviations above the long-term moving average.  Every single time, as noted by the vertical red dashed lines, such extreme movements in rates has been a peak in rates for the intermediate term.  Most recently these extreme spikes were witnessed prior to the recession following the “technology bubble” in 2000 and the “housing bubble / financial crisis” in 2008.

via 35 Years of History Confirm the Bullish Bond Outlook.

Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP, AIF


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