Seahawks Win Super Bowl

Seahawks RingI’ve wanted to write that headline for many years!

Growing up in Portland, Oregon we didn’t have a professional football team, so we rooted for our neighbor to the north’s team, The Seattle Seahawks.

Steve Largent was the first football player that I knew. From as early as I could remember we were Seahawk fans. Going into last night’s game I remembered back to the last Seattle Super Bowl against the Steelers in 2006 where almost no one was rooting for the Seahawks (except my PacNW friends), it was very different this time.

I’ve never been a Broncos fan, in fact, after living in Denver for awhile and seeing the Deity-like status of John Elway, I couldn’t really stand the team. But this year was different. Watching Manning play QB was something to behold, this team deserved respect and were clearly the best offensive team in football…so that’s who I wanted my Seahawks to play. I rooted for the Broncos to win throughout the playoffs since to be the best, you have to beat the best.

While I had my beliefs that the Seahawks were going to win, I never expected the blowout last night. Don’t get me wrong, the Seahawk defense provided enough evidence throughout the season to warrant the ability to contain Peyton Manning, but I was thinking containment of allowing only three touchdowns, maybe a field goal or two. I had completely underestimated the Seahawk’s defense.

The Seahawk’s offense got the job done also and the win was incredibly balanced between Offense and Defense. The game was a blowout. I know people hate blowouts, but after the San Francisco game two weeks prior, I was fine with a blowout – we can save the nail biters for teams I don’t have 30+ years invested in!

Not that it matters, but I was on a plane with Russell Wilson (Seattle QB) on his way to begin pre-season workouts (we also went through customs together and I got to say hi and “Go Seahawks!”). It’s ironic that just two years prior I was rooting against him as he was the QB for Wisconsin going against my other football team, the Oregon Ducks!

For me, it was a great Super Bowl and I’m proud of the Seahawks and the 12th man. I now turn my attention to the other Paul Allen owned team that I’ve been a life long fan of…The Portland Trailblazers.

I’m a loyal fan of the following teams:

The Oregon Ducks (Go Ducks!)

The Portland TrailBlazers

The Portland Timbers

The Los Angeles Dodgers (long story, Kirk Gibson had something to do with that)

I’ve been fans of these teams for as long as I can remember (though the Timbers just started MLS play a few years ago) and I can honestly say a true fan – I love my teams through the good and the bad.

It was a long time coming, but congratulations to the winners of Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seattle Seahawks!


Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MPAS, AIF


2 thoughts on “Seahawks Win Super Bowl”

  1. Great write up! Sure remember the days as well, supporting the Srahawks and going to Seattle. About the only place we could afford then. Be loyal long enough and your teams will show themselves that they do have what it takes. Go Seahawks and all your other great teams!

  2. I didn’t care really which team won. I am a Packer fan myself. But I didn’t know Wilson was the Badger quarterback! I have never seen a defense play as bad as Denver did, not since UCLA lost their bid to go the national championship game way back from a horrible defense spectacle. UCLA’s defensive coordinator apologized profusely and he might have been fired. How in the world did Denver get into the super bowl?
    Perhaps the NFL might consider waiting until the super bowl is over before naming the MVP. Manning clearly would not have been named MVP. There was a lot of expectation that he was the greatest quarterback of all time. Now we know quite differently that perception was in the eyes of some people with little facts of history. There were many great quarterbacks, Joe Montana, Tobin Rote, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas. You cannot name the greatest in anything, its too complicated.

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