Housing Markets Falling Back To Earth?

Anecdotely I’ve noticed homes on the market for longer time periods and not getting the initial asking price. Homes are still selling, but I’ve certainly noticed an uptick locally in homes on the market. This is occuring at a time where a lot of new homes are coming on the market after a fairly significant run up of prices over the past five years.

The following piece argues something much more ominous is occuring, what are you seeing?

This house market is falling apart

Scott Dauenhauer CFP, MPAS, AIF


One thought on “Housing Markets Falling Back To Earth?”

  1. Vegas has over 7,000 traditional listings on the market. Seems each week we have seen an increase, meaning you best price your home right and not over price it. Al these homes going on the market plus the newer ones sure isn’t helping the market. Our foreclosures are down and Short Sales are taking longer to sell. Saying all this, it’s more a buyer’s market so as a seller, unless your home is paid off, don’t expect to make a lot of money on your home. If we were to move, I personally would wait a little longer and see what the market does. Heck, we are just barely trying to turn it around. Enjoy your home and remodel a bit more for when you are really serious unless you have to move.

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