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Shock Doc: What Drives Fixed Annuity Sales to Teachers?

I’m beginning to understand why ASPPA/NTSAA is so determined to preserve the status quo in the 403(b) world (I already knew, this is just a fun way to illustrate), it certainly doesn’t appear to be the participant’s best interest.  Here are a few of the perks of selling annuities from Midland National, Horace Mann, LSW:

Costa Rica

Alaskan Cruise

Banff (Alberta, Canada)

Switzerland (Lake Como and Montreux)

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Commissions up to 16%

Stock and Cash awards

All of this can be yours if you sell enough fixed annuities through Four Seasons Financial Partners!

Of course there is no mention of what is best for participants and the F word is curiously missing (Fiduciary), however there are 5 reasons to join Four Seasons (in their own words):

1.  World Class, luxurious conventions to top destinations!

2.  Commissions up to 16%!

3.  Bonuses up to 11% for 7 years.

4.  FSFP offers SPIA’s, MYG’s, Traditional Fixed, Equity Indexed Annuities.

5.  Top notch service

But don’t take my word for it, read the brochure below – you won’t believe it.  Next time an agent sells you an annuity, maybe you should ask what the commissions are and what trip they are qualifying to go on by selling it to you.

Keep in mind (in my humble opinion) that instead of cleaning these shenanigans up, ASPPA/NTSAA supports its proliferation via their “Choice” model.